Curated by Davìda Carta

What is “home”? This word is charged with underlying meaning and implications. The images in Home span anywhere from the feeling of home, domesticity, the quotidian, the relationship between place and space, people and memories

Featuring work by Phillipa Bloom, Jennie Castle, Elisabetta Cociani, Ginger Cook, Deanna Dikeman, Carissa Dorson , Luar Klinghofer Bar Dov, Amber Eckersley, Kristen Emack, Sara Fahling, Sarah Fields, Jezabeth Gonzalez, Leah Gose, Jamie Ho, Frances Jakubek, Karolina Kase, Epiphany Knedler, Parvathi Kumar, Sara Mcingvale, Kristen McNevins, Sarah Malakoff, Jennifer Mawson, Cristina Rivera, Erika Roa, Karina Rocco, Jesse Shamon, Kaitlyn Jo Smith, Shannon Smith, Morgan Stephenson, Sammy Sweeney, Fiona Szende, Amy Thompson Avishai , Mallory Trecaso, Charlotte Woolf

Don't Smile used 100% of the submission fees for Home to donate $1,300 to The Root Social Justice Center in Battleboro, VT. The Root Social Justice Center provides an accessible space in Southern VT for social justice groups to meet and is a hub for racial justice organizing.