Our Open Road

Featuring work from Valerie Chiang, Diane Durant, Jennifer Garza-Cuen, Sant Khalsa, Kim Llerena, Jenna Miller, Michelle Moezam, Allison V. Smith, Sandy Sorlien, Melissa Stallard, and Christine Welch.

Our Open Road is a reaction to the Aperture Foundation's The Open Road (2015), a breathtaking publication resulting from an equally impressive exhibition. However, the book features only a few women (long live Justine Kurland and Inge Morath). The 11 photographers featured in Our Open Road continue to access the mythology of the American frontier through road trips or inspection of the United States despite historically being denied many of the entitlements that the road trip bestows upon its traveler such as freedom, possibility, escape, or the privilege to wander and subsequently find yourself in the process. The women whose work is featured in this exhibition are adding to the genre of road trip photography or examining the land around them, ultimately speaking to the deep-seated expectation for discovery when embarking upon an exploration of place. 

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You can purchase Aperture's The Open Road here.