Motherhood Unveiled

Curated by Stephanie Shively

"Motherhood Unveiled" presents images that represent “mom” in an all encompassing manner- the good, the bad, the funny, the gross, the heartbreaking, and the triumphant sides of motherhood.

Featuring work by Sarah Ann Austin, Sarah Boccolucci, Marisa Chafetz, Francesca Cesari, Michelle Lee Delgado, Deanna Dikeman, Kristin Dillon, Amanda Driggers, Eva Gjaltema, Annie Hodgkins, Megan Hosmer, Judi Iranyi, Megan Jacobs, Danielle Khoury, Isabel Kiesewetter, Victoria Maidhof, Lily Mayfield, Lindsay McCarty, June Sanders, Annick Sjobakken, Ellen Skoro, Shannon Smith, Vivien Stembridge, Dana Stirling, Alyssa Willey, Tara Wray, and Taylor Yocom


Don't Smile was able to donate $650 to Futures Without Violence, which is a social justice nonprofit that strives to heal those among us who are traumatized by violence – and to create healthy families and communities free of violence tomorrow using 100% of the submission fees collected for this exhibition.