The Female Gaze: Portraits

Curated by Ashley Kauschinger 

Featuring work from Sarah Ann Austin, Rachel Barrett, Anne Berry, Sarah Belclaire, Yael Ben-Zion, Anna Brody, Kelly Burgess, Emily Chiavelli, Ginger Cook, Scarlett Coten, Helen Criales, Adrienne Defendi, Jen Ervin, Britten Leigh, Allison Jarek, Gabby Jones, Rachel Jump, Sarah Lazure, Noelle McCleaf, Morganna McGee, Lydia Panas, Mary Anna Pomonis & Allison STewart, Greta Pratt, Tara Rice, Nadia Sablin, Nicole Schwartz, Stephanie Shively, Shannon Smith, Azalea Rodriquez, Carolina Sandretto, Erin Tokarz, Emily Wiethorn, Ariel Ione Williams, Emily Yang, Rana Young, and Li Zhang.

The Female Gaze: Portraits overturns and examines a trope that perforates the historical (and contemporary) discourse of art: the male gaze. There is a long history of women being looked at rather than being in the more powerful position of looker. This exhibition contributes broad reaching interpretations to a new history of the female gaze.  

Don't Smile was able to donate $1,040 to Planned Parenthood using the submission fees collected for this exhibition.