Photo courtesy of   Ashley Kauschinger.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Kauschinger.

Don't Smile

Don't Smile's purpose is simple - to carve out a space of the internet exclusively dedicated for showcasing exceptional photography by women, both established and emerging. The world still seems to be struggling to make space for women in museums, galleries, and print. Don't Smile aims to aid in the shift to a more inclusive industry that celebrates extraordinary photographic work by women from all walks of life and backgrounds. 

Melissa Kreider

Melissa Kreider (b. 1993) is an MFA student at the University of Iowa and holds a BFA in Photography from the University of Akron. Melissa’s own work examines sites of sexual violence against women and how the justice system archives these reports. Melissa Kreider is a Graduate Teacher of Record at the University of Iowa, in the Art and Art History Department. 

You can see Melissa’s work here.


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